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Viagra may help severe altitude sickness

What medication first comes to a mind when you think of erectile dysfunction?

Most likely that’s Viagra.

Over the last 10 years it has proven to be a powerful impotence drug and had been a subject for various studies and researches all over the world.

What most people do not know about Viagra is that the reason why it helps men with their ED is because it increases the blood flow, but not only to the penis but throughout the body as well.

There are many medical conditions that are directly linked to and can be caused by problems and abnormalities in the blood flow that do not include sexual dysfunction and today the researches into potential usage of Viagra for treating these conditions have new answers and successful studies to offer.

A team of French researchers, for instance is certain that Viagra can help people with lung problems due to high altitudes.

High altitudes can often cause problems for people and even be dangerous for individuals who already have either lung or heart problems.

What happens on the high altitudes is that the air gets thinner and there is less oxygen for people to breathe in, so the blood vessels are not able to get as much oxygen anymore and they can constrict.

If this happens in the lungs, the heart receives an additional pressure from the blood vessel constriction and this can even result in heart failure.

High altitude can interfere with oxygen exchange in the lungs by causing for the lungs to leak fluid that then builds up in them.

How can Viagra help in high altitudes?

It relaxes the blood vessels and allows the blood to flow freely. The goal of the study conducted by French researchers was to see if Viagra would make it easier for people to breathe once exposed to high altitudes.

The experiment was an unusual one, 12 men who wanted to participate were asked to get on a mountain in France about 3 miles or 4, 5 kilometers above the sea level and face the high altitudes in the name of science.

All men were healthy around 29 years of age and had little to no previous high altitude experience.

These men enrolled in an unusual adventure to help Jean-Paul Richalet and his colleagues see if Viagra could help to prevent or fight high-altitude pulmonary edema, a condition when the fluid leaks and builds up in the lungs.

At the beginning of the study men had their baseline measurements taken at the sea level.

As the adventure continued, the team and the test subjects have started walking up the mountain and once they reached the town about 0.6 miles or 1 kilometer stopped for a day to start adjusting to high altitudes.

The next day men were taken by the helicopter to an observatory very close to the highest point in Western Europe where they stayed for five days. After that they came back down to get some tests taken.

During the whole study men were constantly asked to complete survey in order to see if they start experiencing acute mountain sickness or any breathing problems. They were also asked to ride bikes so that they had to exercise which would make breathing more difficult and make the study more accurate.

Sooner or later all men started having breathing problems, half of the group received Viagra and the other half received placebo.

The first day the symptoms were still in progress – high blood pressure, stomach problems and dizziness in both groups.

Soon, after Viagra started to kick in the symptoms slowly disappeared, for example the blood pressure normalized compared to the placebo group.

Just as the researchers have predicted Viagra was able to help men who had health problems due to exposure to high altitudes and helped their bodies remain healthy and strong even at 3 miles or 4.5 kilometers above the sea level.

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