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Viagra reverses symptoms of Raynaud’s phenomenon

One of the most popular and well known impotence drugs is without a doubt Viagra. It has been on the market for decades now and has proven to be highly effective in treating erectile dysfunction in men. However, opposed to what most people think Viagra is not as simple as it may seem, in fact doctors constantly keep finding new ways of using this medications in treating various conditions including the ones that have no connection to sexual dysfunction whatsoever.

One of the conditions Viagra is now proven to be helpful in treating is the one called Raynaud’s phenomenon. This condition is relatively rare but dangerous. People who suffer from it experience spasms in the blood vessels in their hands and feet if exposed to either cold or stress. This causes poor blood circulation in the body and pain. Sometimes this condition can get very serious and even cause tissue death or ulceration in fingers and toes.

Raynaud’s phenomenon is extremely difficult to treat, it usually does not respond to traditional treatment and for a long time science has failed to offer a satisfactory alternative to it, until an experiment with Viagra and its influence on the condition.

Viagra was first introduced as a drug that affects the smallest blood vessels and increases blood flow throughout the body and thus helps to treat erectile dysfunction by improving the blood flow to the penis. But what many scientists did not realize at the time was that increasing the blood flow may also be very helpful in treating other conditions and medical problems that appear directly from abnormalities in the blood distribution in the body and the work of blood vessels.

German researchers from Bad Schonborn under the supervision of Dr. Roland Fries have thought that Viagra may be useful in treating Raynaud’s phenomenon as it affect the blood flow directly and decided to test it. They asked for 18 volunteers that had this condition and did not show any substantial improvements after previous treatments to participate in their study.

A part of the group received a regular Viagra treatment while the others were assigned to take placebo. In order for the study to work, naturally, the test subjects did not know who got the placebo and who got real treatment.

People who participated in the experiment have followed the routine recommended by doctors and switched treatment after 4 weeks of taking pills and one additional week of a “washout” period.

The results that were discovered after the completion of the study proved German researchers’ presumptions and showed that Viagra is, in fact, effective in treating Raynaud’s phenomenon.

Viagra was able to help substantially decrease the frequency and duration of Raynaud attacks and therefore help to manage the condition in most of the patients.

Six of the patients who took part in the study had their chronic toe or finger sores considerably healed, and two patients had their sores completely gone while on Viagra.

However, the research has also shown that the positive effects medication has on the condition only lasts during the treatment, once the treatment is stopped the symptoms come back again.

The team of German researchers who conducted the experiment is certain that Viagra can offer a new way of thinking in treating microcirculatory disorders and Raynaud’s phenomenon in particular. It affects blood vessels in the body so that they are able to distribute the blood properly. Even though Viagra does not completely cure the condition and only works during the actual treatment but it can certainly provide new answers and help to make life easier for many people who suffer from it.

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